What Makes a Successful Running Club?

Running clubs are lots of fun. If you love the sport, you’ll have a fantastic time getting to know other passionate runners and sharing your favorite things about the sport. It also adds a competitive edge to your game, helping you to push yourself further than ever before.

Running clubs also help you to build up your knowledge of the local area, making it possible for you to discover new routes and techniques. Unfortunately, running clubs aren’t always easy to find. In fact, there may not be one in your local area. Perhaps you could take pole position and organize your own club?

If you want to start a running club, here’s a closer look at some of the key tips that use Shildon Running Club as inspiration.

Persistence is Key

When it comes to creating a running club, you’ve got to be persistent in many ways. You’ve got to remain motivated to find and recruit new members and to host events when you know that there will just be a few attendees.

Large clubs don’t just happen overnight – you’ve got to put lots of effort into finding the members and getting them to come to your event. If you are persistent, you’ll slowly build the reputation and stature of your running club over time. Eventually, you’ll have a very effective and impressive club.

Set Expectations

It’s important that as the founder of the running club, you set the expectations about what the club is for. You should create realistic expectations about the scope and frequency of events, and what’s expected from your members.

With those expectations in place, you have a baseline to operate and evolve from. You’ll find that as more and more people join your club, those expectations will be adjusted to be even more realistic and relevant to your particular running group.

Keep Everybody Updated

A key part of being a successful organizer is making sure that every person within your group is kept updated and informed. You’ll be able to use a range of channels to do this, according to the one that’s most common in your area.

There are pros and cons to social media, so you should pay careful consideration to which option you take and whether or not it will be sufficient to keep everybody informed.

Take Responsibility

As the organizer of the running group, you should always feel empowered to take responsibility and own decisions. The vast majority of people look for a leader and this is the same when it comes to clubs and societies.

Be the leader that your fellow runners are looking for and they’ll be sure to help you make your running club or festival a brilliant success.

Have Fun Too

Of course, you should never forget that running clubs should be fun. Sometimes, it will be stressful and you might worry about which people are going to attend your events. However, just remember that even if you and just one other person enjoy your event and have fun, it will have all been worth it!